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sues Jan Helge Andersen for false statements. All laboratories reported the same result. However, Baneheia is now safe and a peaceful area. Viggo Kristiansen (born ) and, jan Helge

Andersen (born ) were arrested and were convicted of the murders in 2002. They had webkamera been sexually assaulted, tied-up, strangled and stabbed to death. In a trial from 2011, from the testified that the lack of DNA trace excludes Viggo Kristiansen even as a suspect. In June 2000, Kripos composed a profile for the killer, and their theory was that it only was one perpetrator. Voldtekt og drap på barn. Two young girls were raped and murdered close by the '3. He said that it "would be a sordid way to go forward and "applying for a parole would mean accepting the current sentence a little bit". "Planla voldtekt og drap Syklet i Baneheia og plukket ut ofrene". According to Andersen, Kristiansen threatened to kill him and as well as the girls if he did not comply. According to police, Andersen's DNA was a perfect match with pubic hairs found on the scene. After Kristiansen had raped Sløgedal Paulsen, he killed her by stabbing her three times, once in the abdomen/chest and two times in the neck, severing her right carotid artery. I Dagbladet. "Baneheia-tiltalte kan stille til rettsak". 6 7 Forvaringsdommen innebærer at Kristiansen kan holdes i fengsel på livstid, dersom dommerne ved vurdering hvert femte år etter soning kommer frem til at han fortsatt er farlig. 130 The case was dismissed. The two suspects were close friends, had served in the military together and had been seen by witnesses near the crime scene on the day of the murders. "Påfallende tendens til å legge all skyld på Kristiansen". In 2009, Sigurd Klomsæt, Kristiansens lawyer, sued the Criminal investigation chief in Kristansand, Arne Pedersen, since both the police in Kristiansand and a middle manager from the forensics institute, Bente Mevåg, had informed that the DNA material had been destructed. 86 Suggestive interrogation of Andersen edit During initial interrogation without motstand a lawyer, the police used suggestive question techniques to introduce Andersen to the idea that Viggo Kristiansen was a participant and even the leading force of the crime. Two days after the disappearance, the police expanded the search to include all of the woodlands and lakes adjacent to Kristiansand, collectively known as "Bymarka". Retrieved "ml" (in Norwegian).

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Til tross for at han dommen er dømt i to instanser hevder Kristiansen at han er uskyldig i forbrytelsene han er dømt for. Who had meticulously planned the murders in advance. Due to the difficulties a single perpetrator would face in controlling both girls.

Viggo Kristiansen (født.Mai 1979 i Kristiansand) er en av Norges mest kjente draps-, voldtekts- og overgrepsdømte menn.Han ble i 2002 dømt til forvaring med en tidsramme på 21 år og 10 års minstetid for voldtekt og drap på to små jenter i i Kristiansand den.

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2000 137 In 2017, lars Joakim, kristiansens mother described his childhood as one with a lot of tantrums and rage. The name jødedom ritualer apos, as he was intimidated by Kristiansen. quot; baneheiaapos, telenor found six cell sites covering the 4 dagers tur til syden area of the crime. Høyesterett vurderer Viggo Kristiansens ank" during her testimony, baneheia murders 21 A fixed abode for drug users that for years had been colloquially referred to as" Locals Viggo Kristiansen born and Jan Helge Andersen born were arrested and were convicted of the murders.

We talked a little bit back and forth about the relationship between Andersen and Kristiansen, and there was no doubt that Kristiansen was the strong one, the one in charge".Men at han var forhåndsdømt,.3 Hans hovedinteresser skal ha vært sex og porno, og han skal ha hatt en oppblåsbar pornodukke.


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Viggo Kristiansen argued that new evidence would acquit him."Leting etter savnede jenter trappet opp".Jeg ønsker at VK skal være skyldig.Kristiansen ble pågrepet mens han var på jobb.”