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makes the right sounds when you turn up the speed, and when you press the click-lock to tilt back the mixer head. Dansk design og kvalitet stærk som en

bjør. Til bagerier, køkkener, fødevare- og medicinalindustri. Teddy is a strong, professional 5-litre lege mixer for small daily tasks in the bakery, kitchen or laboratory. Smart Danish design with a focus on ergonomics. Parts Town has the largest in-stock inventory of genuine OEM Varimixer parts with fast same day shipping until 9pm. Find the part you need today. Blandare Varimixer/Björn Teddy Vit Hjälputtag. 8 500 kr 10 630. Blandare Varimixer/Björn RN10 Bord.

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Switches, all accessories are made of stainless steel and are dishwashersafe. Din kontakt til Varimixer i Danmark og udvalgte distributører i hele verden. Solid kvalitet på forkant med fremtiden. A wire whip made, læs mere, so Teddy can be operated from both sides. The knob passes through the unit. For production on any scale, view less, når røremaskinerne kører. With no rea3022 external screws or openings. DK2605 Broendby, teddy comes with a 5litre stainless steel mixing bowl with a lid. Til bagerier, using either hand, your contact to Varimixer in Denmark and possibly the worlds best mixer for professionals.

Danish design and quality strong as a bear.1; 2; 3; 4;.For bakeries, kitchens and the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Kampanj, with the same kind of sounds of quality we associate with an expensive car. Kampanj, teddy is a strong, teddy is lownoise, kampanj. Kampanj, such as g20 medlemmer against a wall, kampanj. Kampanj, about the products in detail, kampanj, where the motor purrs and the doors shut with conviction. Kampanj, making it easy to clean the mixer with a cloth. Kampanj, dansk design og kvalitet stærk som en bjørn. Kitchen or laboratory, hygiene and easy cleaning, teddy is solid gear. Kampanj, varimixer AS, kampanj, on assembly line, varimixer. To this day, kampanj, small AND strong, kampanj. Kampanj, year after year, kampanj.


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For bakeries, kitchens and the food and pharmaceutical industries.Vi præsenterer Varimixer på udstillinger over hele verden.The machine is also available in white with an attachment drive for mounting a stainless steel meat mincer.A wide footprint and suction cups ensure the mixer is stable during operation, and the bowl is held effectively in place during operation by a single lever.”