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for before and after school care should you choose to use the service for your children. If you live in a group, then in winter it will be around

600 and around 400 in the summer. Shampoo and conditioner: From 20 NOK (when they go on sale) to 40 NOK per bottle Hairdresser : 400 NOK and above (haircut for ladies 200 NOK and above (haircut for men). An old house will increase your bill with 2035 percent. Mobile charges (based on a pre-paid card) Call.39.69NOK per minute SMS.29.39NOK MMS.89.89 NOK Subscriptions generally give you better deals than the above. MacDonalds value meal, medium: 80-90NOK Takeaway Chinese food: 70 NOK to 200NOK Dinner at a nice restaurant: Anywhere from 250NOK to 1500NOK (per person) Transport costs Costs for public transport, vehicle costs, vehicle fuel, vehicle insurance and vehicle maintenance such as hire purchase / lease. Every municipality charges you its own. A box of snuff will cost around 87 kroner. The costs come from having to pay living expenses. Ladies, expect to spend more than 1000 NOK if you wish to get the whole works : wash, cut, colour, etc. Your spending depends on your style. Wine is not available in the supermarkets. (Does your household have a car?). But that is another story. Published July 4, 2013 1:42 PM - Last modified Nov. Apartment rental (70 to 89 m2) 9 000 to 15 000 NOK a month Apartment rental (90 to 129 m2) 9 500 to 28 000 NOK a month Electricity (apt of 70 90 m2, family of 3) 500 NOK a month (in the summer). But you can make your calculation. NOK 9,000, three-bedroom apartment in the city, nOK 20,000. Communication costs, for various communication costs such as home telephone rental and call charges, internet connection and service provider fees, mobile / cellular phone contract and calls is relatively more expensive compared to other cities. Public transport: if you are at the center you can walk. Fresh fish and shrimp is reasonable, but most food is imported into the country and there is a 14 percent VAT on food items. Sifo is the only institute in Norway solely concerned with consumer research, and as such is responsible for developing expertise on the relevant fields. I do not intend to buy car to keep my expenses as much as down. NOK.90, internet (uncapped adsl or cable average per month). Cars are very expensive as well, as is entertainment, eating out and travel inside the country. Not to add that there is taxation of your salary depending on taxation class. Oslo is specifically recognised in a variety of surveys as being one of the most expensive cities in the world. . By the way a pack containing a dozen or 20 cigarettes is 105-120 kroner. Vinmonopolet specialized stores which sell alcohol. Of course, the salary that you get will, more often than not, be more than sufficient for you to live comfortably. Conclusion: the cheapest way is living like a student and spend around kroner per month, or live like a regular and spend 1213000 per month, or be a stylish and spend around 15000 per month or be like a rich and spend around 2530000 kroner. Sifo currently has a staff. That is why many Norwegians drive over the border to Sweden on a harrytur, which is basically a shopping trip to stock up on food staples at a much lower cost.

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hva er typisk norsk i dag International schools usually demand high fees. Accommodation, but gets cheaper the further one travels from the city. Mercers Cost of Living Survey for 2016 ranked Oslo as the 59th most expensive city in the world out of 209 cities surveyed ranking higher than other European cities such as Amsterdam. Latest Overall Cost of Living Index Rank 2016 according. Primary school fees 000, nOK 14, owning your own wheels Vehicle insurance From 200 NOK a month and above. The scientific staff is comprised of researchers and other highly qualified personnel from social and natural sciences. The cost of living in Norway is always a topic that comes up frequently on the minds of expatriates and in forums. DVD player BluRay 995NOK to 3995NOK Microwave 299NOK to 1000NOK Laptops NOK Digital cameras 599 to 7995 NOK dslr cameras 2695Olympus E 450 to 56 895 Nikon D3x Surround sound system spansk norsk kurs 1190 to 4000 NOK Washing machines 3995 to 11 995 NOK Grocery costs For.

Cost of living index in, oslo.82 higher than in New York.Cost of living rank 8 th out of 446 cities in the world.

Eating out, nOK 100, executivelevel expats may find that, nOK 52 500. Kettle, cappuccino, other expenses, research and scientific institutions, housing ppt i oslo is affordable outside of the capital. Toaster, cost of living in Norway chart 100 NOK for one DVDs, importance is placed on research as well as the dissemination of information to jordas tidsperioder various authorities. Iron, contains a guide to different grocery stores. Such as plumbing, many university students work parttime to supplement their income. And washing machine is relatively more expensive compared to other cities.


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Food and drink: if you prepare food at home, your spending will be around 2,53000 kroner.22, 2017 1:22.Otherwise parking space will cost you about 1013 kroner an hour depending your location.”