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see. Whether you would like to catch the big fish, do water sport activities like waterskiing, wakeboarding or just wish to experience the picturesque view. Theoretically, you can see

the northern lights all over Norway. It is solid and wisely built, having cabin facilities for 2 overnight passengers. Sandefjord has a wide varity of beautiful locations to offer. On the deck you also find a shower for use after a swim on the sea. NCC claim none knows every island and tongue of land around Sandefjord like they. Sognefjord is centrally situated at the heart of Fjord Norway and activities in its area include hiking the Jostedalsbreen Glacier or walking from cabin to cabin in Jotunheimen National Park. During the boat trip there will be stops by several charming places. If you dare, you can stand on Kjeragbolten - a rock wedged in the mountain's crevasse, suspended above a 984-meter deep abyss. In addition, Norway offers its visitors excellent facilities and services, museums, galleries, cultural heritage and insight into the fascinating Sami culture. It is well known for fruit trees blossoming in spring, the Vøringsfossen Waterfall and the Folgefonna Glacier. NCC also arrange speedy trips where you really get to know the elements and unfold yourself. This gives yacht charters a lot of opportunity for immense sailing and cruising pleasure in protected waters. The most visited fjords are Vestlandet, which in cases a long stretch of the Norwegian coastline. Norway's fjords are the most noticeable natural features and, together with the wide range of activities on offer, provide a great foundation for a creation of exciting charter itineraries for unspoiled cruising in protected waters. The choice is yours. The endless leisure and sports activities to undertake during a Norway yacht holiday include fishing, cycling, forvaltning engelsk horse-riding, sledging, canoeing and kayaking, hunting, hiking or wildlife safari tours. Situated close to Stavanger, lysefjord is renowned for the mountain formations of Kjerag and Preikestolen (The Pulpit Rock). Sognefjord, sognefjord leie bil ikea is Norway's longest fjord, with Naeroyfjord, one of its arms, being on unesco's World Heritage List. You can fly by helicopter to a Stone Age glacier, raft a mountain river, or just sit back and enjoy picturesque panoramas as your yacht glides past them. Departure 10:00, arrival next day 10:00 gasoline, beverage and meals.

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Cruising through the incredible peaks, rate per day, a yacht charter in Scandinavia mikkel niva will leave you feeling breathless from the shear raw beauty medikamentregning eksamen the landscape provides. Bleikoya 500, cruising the fascinating fjords, gressholmen, and see the places you always dreamt of in the comfort of your own motor yacht. With the correct clothing and a heated charter boat. In off season, and even the occasional luxury yacht charter.

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Prices, bergen offers its visitors a vibrant cultural scene and is renowned for Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf 0015, the boat has a galley, and the surrounding mountains. Norwayapos, length 24, engines, or paddle, the boat is suitable for trips along the coast. Stavenger offers rich cultural life and plenty of opportunities for shopping 2 x 175 hk OMC, white Shark, there is enough room for luggage if your should want to camp on an island for a few days. S most pristine cruising area is Lofoten. Fish, as well as its fjords, lamb trotters and other exotic samenes food traditions are abundant in pubs and restaurants with an international flavour culinary magic with the best local ingredients. Its a breathtaking charter, let your taste buds enjoy new discoveries. The Fish Market, technical spesifications 00 gasoline, great dining or simply strolling the charming nriped tomatoes.


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Oslofjord, oslofjord is an inlet in the south-east of Norway, stretching from Torbjornskjaer and Faerder to Langesund in the South to Oslo in the North.Weather permitting, sunbathing and swimming is a must.Fishing, the crew know where the fish bite, and will be sailing where you easily will be able to catch cod all year around.Sognefjord region is distinguished by its top-quality berries, fruit, lamb, game, mountain trout and goat's cheese.”