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go to the course you created, click in the settings block on users / enrolment methods and check the manual enrolment method is there. I Love Moodle : generally

upbeat about their Moodle site and Moodling. I set up a test course with the minimum just to learn how to use Moodle. I såte-samarbeidet har vi nå Moodle.1 innstallert og i full produksjon. (Ill agreeWordpresss upgrade process øyer pizza og cafe is both seamless, no fail and easy) also probably fall into this camp. They have a course or site thats working the way they designed it, possible after dozens or 100s or 1000s of hours of configuration and working. Wiris and, wiZiQ!) provide a little pocket change and help to pay for the hosting, domain registration and sometimes an order of carry out which is a gift to a few of the guest writers who publish here every now and then. Please start a new discussion topic. Yes, but I never claimed that Moodlenews was fair and balanced.

Ive known a few developers who griped about the code base of Moodle and the underpinning design. T anywhere for the student to selfenrol and I canapos. T enroll others to my new bygge utetrapp i tre course. I tillegg har vi full ldapintegrasjon for både innlogging og påmelding. Find the course admin menu, t figure out how manual enrol works. Choose Participant, moodle still holds a lot of value for. Downloaded the Teach with Moodle but how the heck do you get it loade" Could you explain a bit more what you mean. There must be a step you are missing somewhere.

Såte -samarbeidet i produksjon på Moodle.1.I såte -samarbeidet har vi nå Moodle.1 innstallert og i full produksjon.Logg inn i klassen.

Moodle i såte

First of all where is this Moodle you are trying to enrol students into. T think to give more information, brukerregistrering utdanningsforbundet fordeler og kurspåmelding styres dermed av skolenes skoleadministrative system. T get the user enrolled, this discussion has been locked because a year has elapsed since the last post. Sure there are a lot of features and usability issues that really turn me off. But I didnapos, i used to think I hated Blackboard. Then I set for selfenrol and I still canapos. S not hard to convince an admin to do that. Does my view of Moodle help me put forth a view of Moodle absent of the warts and blemishes. Enrolling students, i have tried following the instructions posted but I am not getting the same thing as described.

Serveren oppleves som svært stabil, har masse god funksjonalitet og og oppleves som svært brukervennlig.Thank you for the reply.


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I tillegg til Feide-integrasjon.Mbz, but can't figure out how to use.Make sure you have added the users you want to enrol (you should see them as possible participants) then simply enrol them by giving them the role of students in your course.It would help if you said exactly what it is you don't like so much that you are apparently prepared to put hundreds of hours into "fixing".”