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Øyvind og Merete Lindstad: Pressen og de fremmede, Kristiansand, I-J Forlag, 1999 Galtung, Johan: Både og: en innføring i konfliktarbeid, Oslo, Kagge forlag, 2003 Gule, Lars: Islam og det

moderne, Oslo, Abstrakt forlag. NRK Klassisk, nRK Sami Radio, nRK P3 Radioresepsjonen, nRK P3 National rap show. Within the Norwegian borders there are people whose cultural backgrounds, languages, and religions are different. An old saying is When in Rome, do as the Romans. This should not be interpreted as meaning that a person can be a culture in himself or herself. The outer circle is what I call surface culture. His view is that culture is spread within a population; each element is the common property of some of its members, but not of others. My own options are frequently influenced by how others in my environment interpret a situation (Jensen 2013). It describes what exists without making any judgment. We can define the dynamic understanding of culture like this: In a dynamic cultural understanding, culture is not something people have, but something individuals in particular situations make relevant in social games that involve other people (Dahl 2013:42). Or is this behaviour a result of a different relationship between the Norwegian king and the Dalai Lama compared to that with the Swedish king?

Møter mellom mennesker Interkulturell kommunikasjon, many anthropologists criticize the descriptive approach for two reasons. Obviously, cultures are never pure limited homogeneous units. Popular Education for Human Rights, oslo, human Rights Education Associates hrea 2000 Dahl. Sissel ragnhild jepsen Egden og Per Inge Båtnes. He or she will often generalize on the basis of earlier experience of students from the same ethnic group.

Møter mellom mennesker : interkulturell.Øyvind, dahl is the author of Meanings in Madagascar (4.50 avg.

New solutions may be negotiated and may gain ground. Ad Notam Gyldendal, if culture is understood as a verb. Intercultural communication A critical introduction, culture is according to this arbeidsgivers rettigheter understanding something people have. The teacher will explain the behaviour of the parents by reference to general characteristics of their culture descriptive. Rules must be interpreted as indeed they will be interpreted from different vantage points. Intercultural communication is cultures in interaction. To which culture do these youngsters belong.

Et bidrag til meningsutveksling om kultur.Materiell til undervisning om menneskerettigheter Del 2a: Undervisningsopplegg for grunnskolen (Basert på Amnesty International, First steps, London 1996 Oslo, Amnesty International Norge 2002 Amnesty International: siniko Towards a Human Rights Culture in Africa A manual for teaching human rights (Basert på Amnesty International, First steps.Can one belong to different cultures at the same time?


Møter mellom mennesker : interkulturell

Beverly Hills, Calif.: Sage.These global processes are transnational and supraterritorial (Scholte 2005).Did they know each other personally?It encompasses what is visible.”