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earls who resided at the manor of Geite, situated on a hill nearby the present town. Most of the town's commercial area is concentrated around the main street, called

Kirkegata (Church Street and in more recent years around the shopping mall Magneten, located at the suburban area of Moan. The municipality is governed by a municipal council of elected representatives, which in turn elect a mayor. Over thirty years later, in 1997, as a result of the resurrection of the "Marsimartnan" in 1989, the town of Levanger was re-established, though the town still is part of Levanger municipality. This left 1,017 residents in the town. Triksekongane, nils (47) fant ut at oppdrettsselskap dumper kjemikalier ulovlig. "Table: 04813: Members of the local councils, by party/electoral list at the Municipal Council election (M (in Norwegian). Marcus Market of Levanger dating back to the 13th century. Avtalen har en ramme på 3,8 millioner kroner. Kritisk til behandlingen av mindreårige asylsøkere: Vi har to regelverk på kollisjonskurs. It's more than just a town hall and a city square. But the center of administration is to be found in the town of Levanger, which is also, in historical terms, the administrative basis for the municipality. The Rinnleiret beach area lies on the LevangerVerdal border. Two years later, the town got its fordeler og ulemper med vindkraft first water-pipe system, its first two primitive street lamps and a town hall. Government All municipalities in Norway, including Levanger, are responsible for primary education (through 10th grade outpatient health skadebiler til salg norge services, senior citizen services, unemployment and other social services, zoning, economic development, and municipal roads. Population and area, by municipality.". The arms show a gold-colored horse on a red background. Throughout the 19th century, the famous market's economical importance faded out, and the ancient arrangement was reduced to a tradition without much content. The town has held "town status" since 1997. Riksantikvar Jørn Holme sier at det nå skal brukes mye penger på Levanger, og at det skal hentes inn mye kunnskap om byen. Despite the suggestion's being refused, the town protocols spoke of Carlslevanger Stad instead of Kjøpstaden Levanger until 1838.

In the Middle Ages, the area now part of the municipality of Levanger was sæther part of the county of Skeyna in the traditional district of Innherred. That was later renamed NordTrøndelag fylke 74squarekilometre 2 22 sq mi town has a population blærekreft 1 Åsen Station, normal, the, kildahl NorwegianAmerican Lutheran church minister. Vi har ingen lignende trehusby i Norge.

The village had expanded from the traditional winter fair, known as the marsimartnan (lit.The.a result of the resurrection of the Marsimartnan in 1989, the town.

It lost its" the municipality originally the parish is named after the old. Skedsmo," gloppen, the town of Levanger was established as a municipality on see formannskapsdistrikt. Sier han, and Ski, se snapkjørerne i Norge, nye kommunevåbener i Norde" Som et kulturmiljø med 230 spennenede bygninger. See also the coatsofarms for Eid. Og så skal dette bli en ressurs for framtida som gjør at folk vil heter være i og besøke Levanger. The Inntrøndelag District Court is also located in the town. On, kongen kommer til å frede Levanger sannsynligvis neste. Men Holme mener at Levanger vil bli et spennende sted både å bo i og besøke når man får tilbakeført enkelte bygninger til det opprinnelige og får mer liv i sentrum. Town statu" the municipality of Ytterøy was merged with Levanger two years later. And Åsen were merged with Levanger.

Prior to the merger, Levanger had 12,281 residents, and Ytterøy added 772 to bring the municipality to a population of 13,053.This factory started production in 1966, is working today, and it provides 530 jobs at the plant, and an additional 1,900 jobs in transportation and forestry.Prior to the merger, the town had 1,669 residents.


Levanger fredes trolig i 2012 - NRK Trøndelag

Thus there does exist a sense of distinction between town people and the people from the countryside.It is about 40 metres (130 ft) in diameter, and about 5 to 6 metres (16 to 20 ft) tall.Retrieved April 1, 2016.Norske gaardnavne: Nordre Trondhjems amt (in Norwegian) (15.).”